Are You Mad for It?

"There can't be many psychotherapists who've been raving, let alone been a promoter. That's what gives me the edge."
Future Sound Of London

Future Sound of London

Conspiracy theories, Yogic meditation, Hollywood-as-vampire-breeding-ground, rock singer Ian Astbury, 60s psychedelia, future lust, Alcoholics Anonymous
A history of rave © Kieran Wyatt

A History of Rave

There's a mass of competing narratives; spaghetti-like strands of truth, misinformation, disinformation, myth, embellishment and wild anecdotal evidence


He's charm personified, talking lucidly, calmly and intelligently, his eyes never failing to twinkle. It's no surprise the girls love him.
Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy & Louis Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary bat-eating, hell-raising rocker who invented heavy metal as frontman with Black Sabbath.


Sixty minutes in the head of Goldie. It's a mad mad world.
The Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

There's an almost insatiable hunger to both consume and make more music, one that's firing them with an almost evangelical-like passion.