Ozzy & Louis Osbourne

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Louis Osbourne is one of the country’s brightest new DJs, spinning chunky house and funky techno at the House Of God, Wobble and Circo Bar in Birmingham.  Last summer he was in Ibiza, on the decks at the Ministry @ Pacha alongside his residencies at Cream @ Amnesia and Café Mambo.  This year he’s again spinning on the White Island as well as in Australia, Prague, Ireland and Japan.

Louis’ father is Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary bat-eating, hell-raising rocker who invented heavy metal as frontman with Black Sabbath.  He’s just finished a two-month US tour with the reformed Sabbath and is planning the next Ozzfest, a travelling festival of metal mayhem.  He’s also recently collaborated on tracks with Busta Rhymes and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Louis on Ozzy

“My dad has always let me get on and do what I want to do.  He never pushed me into music, I just found it by accident.  He’s happy that I’m involved in music and sees that DJing is just part of the entertainment industry.  I’ve learnt a lot from seeing him perform on stage because he’s such a fantastic showman.  And when I see him work a crowd and use his music as this performing art, I try and put some of that back into my DJing.  I used to be very selfish and only play deep house which is great for home listening but no good for the dancefloor.  At the end of the day people just want to dance and so I play a lot harder now.

“People often say it must have been really mad to grow up as Ozzy Osbourne’s son but for me he’s just my dad – it’s totally normal.  Everyone says I’m the spitting image of him, both in personality and looks.  But he’s actually a good role model.  He’ll be the first to admit that he’s made mistakes in life but I think I’ve learned from them.

“He’s very old skool in his musical tastes – the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, that sort of thing.  But he appreciates dance music for what it is – when I played him Armand Van Helden’s “You Don’t Know Me” before Christmas, he got into that. He said, ‘I think it’s going to do well.'”

Ozzy on Louis

“I’d always thought of a DJ being a guy in a silly hat whose job it was to get the chicks going!  When Louis first told me he wanted to be a DJ, I thought it would be another of his fads – when he was young he was into go-karting and wanted to be a Formula One racing driver.  But he’s stuck with it and is enthusiastic and determined.  I’m just really glad he’s doing something he enjoys.  He came out to visit me in Beverly Hills and I heard this awful racket coming from his room and I thought ‘What the fuck is that?’  And it was Louis playing his tunes.  Wow, did I sound old!  He drives me nuts talking about DJs, computers and clubs.

“I saw that Ibiza programme on TV.  Fucking hell, I’m glad I’m not 21 anymore – it looked like Caligula’s den.  There was lots of naughtiness going on there.  I don’t go to clubs these days because I don’t drink.  It would be like standing in a cake shop if you were on a diet.

“I must actually go and see Louis DJ at some point.  I think I’ll go in disguise though.  He’s all prim and proper round me but I bet when he’s DJing he’s a right fucking freak!  Kids look up to DJs as role models these days rather than rock stars – I hope Louis becomes the Ozzy of the DJ world!”

© Kieran Wyatt

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